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Mass Migration as an Amplifier of All Well-known European Problems: Notes for Innsbruck

English Pages, 19. 1. 2018

Many thanks for the invitation. I am really glad to be here again. I remember quite well the moment, the atmosphere as well as the blue skies over Innsbruck when I was here last time three years ago.

Then, I spoke mostly about Europe, not specifically about my own country, about the Czech Republic, and it will not be much different today. This doesn´t mean that I am not interested in my own country´s fate, or perhaps that I have nothing to say about it.

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Introductory remarks to the presentation of the Book “Migration des peoples” in Paris

English Pages, 8. 12. 2017

Let me, first, express my gratitude to Ambassador Gandalovič for the organization of this early morning gathering. And, let me thank all of you for accepting his invitation and for joining us here.

I would like to use this opportunity for saying a few words about my short book “Migration des peoples” which was published this year by Harmattan. I wrote it together with my long-term colleague Jiří Weigl. This book, originally published in Czech, has already eight editions in foreign languages. I am very glad that in France as well.

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Let´s not give up fighting climate alarmism, it is never late!

English Pages, 7. 12. 2017

Ladies and gentlemen,

many thanks for the invitation and for the possibility to participate in this important gathering. It is great to be in France after many years and to see Paris as it looks in the era of mass migration.

I travel abroad almost permanently, but not to France. I don´t know whether it is my fault or something else. It may be partly caused by my inability to speak French, something I consider a great deficiency of mine, partly by the evident discrepancy between my views and the mainstream French thinking.

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Notes for Bologna: Soviet Communism is Finished. What about Freedom?

English Pages, 3. 12. 2017

Presidente Nucci, Rettore Ubertini, Presidente Trifirò, professors, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

it is a great pleasure and honour for me to be in your historic city. It is an honour to get both the Premio Impegno Civico and la Medaglia d´onore dell´Accademia delle Scienze. I am really pleased to have the extraordinary opportunity to address this distinguished audience in such a beautiful hall, in questa sala tanto bella.

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Economic (and Political) Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe: The Czech Experience

English Pages, 2. 12. 2017

Many thanks for the invitation, my thanks for suggesting an interesting and still highly relevant topic for my today´s presentation, many thanks for bringing me to Forli. I have never been here.

I am coming from the Czech Republic which – two weeks ago – celebrated the 28th anniversary of the fall of communism. I stress this already non-negligible number of years because I know that the students assembled here were born several years after this historic moment. For me, however, it is not a prehistory, it is a part of my life.

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Notes for Astana: Brexit and the Growth of Populism in Europe: A Disclaimer

English Pages, 13. 11. 2017

Let me start with saying that I don´t like the term populism and don´t find it helpful and productive. And I disagree with discussing Europe as the continent of populism. Is what we see in Europe now populism or is it a democratic rebellion against political elites (and against post-democracy)? This is the question which should be raised and seriously, not politically-correctly, answered. My answer to this question will be evident after my presentation.

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Soviet Communism Is Over, What About Freedom?

English Pages, 10. 11. 2017

It is, or it at least should be, evident that we didn´t come here to celebrate the 100th anniversary of one of the most important – and in its disastrous and ruinous consequences one of the most evil – events of the 20th century, the Great October Socialist Revolution, as we used to call it when I was attending elementary school in Prague. We came here to commemorate it. This should be made explicit. There are still places nowadays where this event is being celebrated.

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Economic (and Political) Transformation in the Czech Republic

English Pages, 19. 10. 2017

Many thanks for the invitation, many thanks for organizing your gathering in Prague (and in the Czech Republic), not just because of its historical beauty (luckily not destroyed in wars or by ambitions of all kinds of city planners), but because it has some exceptional specifics:

- Prague is really the heart of Europe – not only geographically but culturally as well;

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Rhodos, Social Mobility and Migration: A Fundamental Disagreement

English Pages, 9. 10. 2017

I am sorry to be forced to say very brutally at the very beginning of my today´s presentation that I don’t agree with almost every sentence in the “notes for the panel” prepared and sent us in advance (as well as with the introductory statements of the moderators). Both are explicit pro-migration stances.

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Science in the Age of Post-Democracy: A Few Tentative Remarks

English Pages, 20. 8. 2017

Many thanks for the invitation and for offering me the possibility to participate in the debate about “Structural Problems in Contemporary Science” so well introduced in Prof. Lindzen´s invitation letter. My approach to this issue builds on several, to some respect unique and not easily repeatable pieces of my own experience.

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