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Are the Challenges Conservatism is Facing in the Era of Ever Stronger Progressivism Manageable?

English Pages, 20. 5. 2022

It is great that we, defenders, advocates and exponents of conservatism, can meet in the beautiful city of Budapest and – what is not less important – meet without masks, face to face, not by means of Zoom, Skype or similar platforms, as it used to be the case in the last two Covid years.

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Mass Migration Always Has Unpleasant Consequences – Do We Know That?

English Pages, 17. 5. 2022

Ukrainians in their hundreds of thousands, or rather millions, are seeking refuge from war abroad, in huge numbers also on our territory. Our still-lasting memories of the Soviet invasion and occupation more than fifty years ago, the authentic feelings of compassion and solidarity with those suffering, but also fears of a possible escalation of the war, have given rise to an unprecedented degree of sympathy for refugees from this war-torn country. Russian aggression against Ukraine has been resolutely dismissed by a significant majority of our fellow citizens, even by those who are otherwise very sensitive to propaganda slogans and black and white perception of the world.

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Can an Excess of Information Lead to the Destruction of Thinking?

English Pages, 12. 4. 2022

I often cannot believe my eyes (and ears) these days what nonsense I hear. Especially in the state-funded media and on social networks. This phenomenon is usually explained by referring to lack of good education, to superficial way of thinking, to mental laziness, to carelessness, to belief in false ideologies, to being "led astray" by so-called disinformation. However, none of this tells us why it is so, why it is now reaching a completely different dimension than before, and why it is impossible to explain the absurdity of such views to their proponents.

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Putin Made Us Lose to Progressivism, Multiculturalism and Globalism

English Pages, 6. 4. 2022

Putin's horrible, inexcusable war has not only resulted in thousands of casualties, enormous material damage, the disintegration of many countries' finances and a severe blow to the world economy – which is being noticed by many  –  but has resulted, and especially will result in a significant shift in the current global cultural and civilizational conflict.

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Václav Klaus Sent a Letter of Congratulations to Viktor Orbán

English Pages, 4. 4. 2022

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, my dear friend,

Let me express my congratulations on your persuasive victory in yesterday’s elections. Not only my congratulations, but my great joy as well. ...

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Václav Klaus for the Moroccan News Agency about Western Sahara

English Pages, 24. 3. 2022

How do you read Spain’s new position as regards the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara?

I take it as a serious step forward. The inhabitants of Western Sahara deserve a permanent solution of this conflict, which must be based both on existing realities and on meaningful proposals. Any other solution than keeping the Western Sahara territory inside Morocco means the denial of the status quo. That would be destructive and extremely costly for all sides.

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Václav Klaus for the Visegrád Post: Realistically about the Tragic Situation in Ukraine

English Pages, 23. 3. 2022

The suffering of hundreds of thousands of civilians as well as that of soldiers (and not only professionals), not to mention the enormous material damage that will affect not only the places where the fighting is taking place, as well as huge consequences of the massive wave of refugees are still incalculable. There is no reason to try to quantify them at the beginning of the whole tragic process. Now, it is necessary to appeal for an immediate ceasefire, for a truce, for a readiness to be able to accept meaningful and seriously proposed compromises.

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Václav Klaus about Ukraine for the Egyptian daily Al Masry Al Youm

English Pages, 19. 3. 2022

لا يمكن حتى الآن إحصاء حجم معاناة مئات الآلاف من المدنيين والجنود الأوكرانيين، فضلًا عن الأضرار المادية الضخمة التي لن تؤثر على الأماكن التي يدور فيها القتال فحسب، والعواقب الهائلة للموجة الكبيرة من اللاجئين، كما أنه لا يوجد سبب لمحاولة تحديد حجمها في بداية هذه العملية المأساوية، ولكن ما هو ضرورى الآن هو المطالبة بوقف فورى لإطلاق النار وهدنة والاستعداد لقبول التنازلات الهادفة والجدية المُقترحة.

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The Forgotten Anniversary: Gordon Tullock would have turned 100

English Pages, 17. 2. 2022

Economics and economists fall into oblivion. I am convinced that this is to the detriment of all of us. On Sunday 13 February, it was 100 years since one of the greatest economists of the 20th century, Gordon Tullock, was born in Rockford, Illinois. He lived to the ripe old age of 92 and died in 2014. He never won the Nobel Prize, but many economists think he should have.

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Open Letter of the Václav Klaus Institute to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fiala Regarding the Situation in Ukraine

English Pages, 14. 2. 2022

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

We follow with great concern your – for us – incomprehensible passivity towards what is happening in and around Ukraine. You probably agree with us that the situation is unsustainable and extremely dangerous for everyone. The conflict in Ukraine has been in the long term the biggest security threat on our continent. The ongoing military escalation threatens the whole of Europe, including the Czech Republic. Even though our public does not seem to acknowledge the imminent danger, the possibility of an open military conflict in our vicinity is very real.

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