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The Václav Klaus Institute urging the Czech Government to reject the dangerous Ursula von der Leyen’s plan

English Pages, 2. 6. 2020

The Václav Klaus Institute (IVK) strongly and resolutely rejects the so called “Next Generation EU” proposal to create a huge EU fund, put forward in the speech made by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on May 27.

The European Commission’s initiative repeatedly proves that the Brussels’ elites have been using the epidemic as a justification and pretext for strengthening their recurrent attempts to prolong the already untenable state of the EU at the cost of massive indebtedness of citizens of EU member countries and of their future generations.

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Hard talk with Václav Klaus: “The people should say NO to all of it.”

English Pages, 7. 5. 2020

Václav Klaus’s answers to questions raised by Claudio Grass for ProAurum 

As we get deeper into this crisis and we get used to our “new normal”, it’s easy to focus on the daily corona-horror stories in the media or the latest shocking unemployment numbers, and lose track of the bigger picture and of what is really, fundamentally important. Even as the lockdown measures begin to get phased out, the scale of the economic damage is unimaginable and the idea of returning to “business as usual” is no longer tenable. The last couple of months have had a severe impact not just on the economy, but on our societies and geopolitical reality too. These changes are most likely irreversible and we as citizens and as investors will have to be prepared to deal with this massive shift and all that it entails for a long time.

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The answers to the Dialog of Civilizations survey

English Pages, 19. 4. 2020

Dear Mr. Bas,

I have many problems with participating in your survey. I disagree with the questions in it because they are one-sided and aprioristic. I don’t believe that “institutions such as the United Nations are paramount in developing policies and initiatives that will help move the world forward”. Plus I don’t think we are facing global challenges. Even the coronavirus pandemic – considered a global problem – has been solved exclusively at the national level. The role of the WHO is close to zero, if not negative.

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Václav Klaus: Digitalization needs politics (or vice versa: do politics and society need digitalization?)

English Pages, 28. 1. 2020

I dont pretend to be an expert on digitalization, on information technology, or computers. I dont even use a smartphone. I am, therefore, really not the right person to address this topic. I tried to explain this to David Ungar-Klein but as you all know him, youll probably agree with me that it is impossible to change his view once hes made up his mind. When he decides to make me the introductory speaker of this panel, there is no way to resist it. At least this is my experience. 

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Václav Klaus: Notes for the Sunday Evening Ceremony: From Tradition to Innovation

English Pages, 27. 1. 2020

Good evening, it is an honour for me to be the first one who is asked to speak here. Most of us have been here in Vienna, at the Vienna Congress Com.sult before and we all know that this opening dinner is a very good opportunity to say hello to each other, to meet old friends and to get a chance to find new ones.

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“The EU in its current form is a tragic mistake of the European history.”

English Pages, 30. 10. 2019

Russia in Global Affairs Associate Editor Glenn Diesen talks with former President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus about the current state of affairs in the EU, populism, green politics, globalization, and other controversial issues of today.

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The 2019 Climate Alarmists´ Offensive is Exclusively Politically Driven

English Pages, 20. 8. 2019

Some of us have been trying to oppose the irrational, populist and evidently non-scientific climate alarmism for a very long period of time, some of us for years, some even for decades. In my speech here – in Erice – in 2012, I said: “this doctrine, as a set of beliefs, is an ideology, if not a religion. It lives independently on the science of climatology. Its disputes are not about temperature, but are a part of the conflict of ideologies… This doctrine is a loosely connected cascade of arguments, not a monolithic concept which – because of its structure – escapes the scrutiny of science.”

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National Sovereignty and the Unsolvable Problem of the EU

English Pages, 10. 6. 2019

Many thanks for inviting me and for asking me to talk about “National Sovereignty and the Problem of the EU”. The suggested title is excellent and goes straight to the real point of the issue which is for many of us – on our continent – the crucial one. More and more Europeans feel that they are losing their national sovereignty and one of their most important identities – the national one.

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Today´s Russia: The Consequences of an only Incompletely Realized Systemic Transformation

English Pages, 4. 6. 2019

Many thanks for bringing me here. I have to admit that for someone like me – from Central Europe, from a country without a direct contact with the sea – this is an extraordinary experience. In the past, in the communist era, I didn’t have a chance to sail on such a big ship.

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