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Useful Strategies? Whose Strategies?

English Pages, 8. 7. 2017

There is a problem with the term “strategies”. Are we a gathering of economists or of political strategists? I don´t know any institution I would be motivated to give advice to. And I suppose there is – symmetrically – no institution waiting for my advice.

The time has come to return economics back to science in the old sense. Giving advice and suggesting strategies have undermined its credibility. It, of course, started with Keynes.

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The statement of Václav Klaus and IVK on the unacceptable treatment of the Czech Republic by the European Union

English Pages, 16. 6. 2017

1. We – as a matter of principle and quite resolutely – protest against the decision of the EU to launch infringement procedures against the Czech Republic, in connection with its refusal to accept migrants on the basis of Brussels-dictated quotas. We protest against the intentions to punish us and force us into obedience.

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Will Trumps's Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords Weaken Climate Alarmism?

English Pages, 16. 6. 2017

I consider President Trump's decision to pull out from the Paris accords extraordinarily courageous and, in a certain sense, historical. And for me personally just amazing. Evaluating the impact and consequences of this decision is however far from simple and one-dimensional.

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Welcome Address at the American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery in Prague

English Pages, 2. 6. 2017

Dear participants, ladies and gentlemen, let me use this opportunity for welcoming you in Prague. It is a pleasure and honour to be asked to speak here this morning.

I am glad that Prague was selected as a hosting city of your important gathering. I do believe that this meeting will be successful, productive and pleasant.

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New Threats that the MPS Should Deal with

English Pages, 8. 5. 2017

It is great to be in Korea again and to have a chance to see not just the economic statistics but to look at the reality of a rapid economic and social development which this country has achieved in the last decades. I was here last time in 2009 in a very special capacity – chairing the EU-Korea summit in the moment when the Czech Republic performed the fictitious role of a rotating EU would-be presidency.

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The Friendly Split of Czechoslovakia was a Precondition for the Future Stability and Prosperity of Both States

English Pages, 12. 4. 2017

Many thanks for giving me a chance to address this distinguished audience on such an interesting topic. I want to say quite resolutely at the very beginning that I don´t pretend to be an expert when it comes to creating or breaking up the existing states, the secession of regions, provinces or nations, the separation of countries or other similar topics.

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New book: Václav Klaus, Jiří Weigl - Europe All Inclusive

English Pages, 16. 3. 2017

The Václav Klaus Institute (VKI) is publishing new book written by Václav Klaus and Jiří Weigl „Europe All Inclusive: A Brief Guide to Understanding the Current Migration Crisis“.

Publication No. 34/2017, Václav Klaus Institute, Prague, 2017.

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Interview for the Valdai Discussion Club website

English Pages, 25. 1. 2017

President Klaus, last week you said in a TV interview that the roots of the migration crisis, which has hit Europe, should be looked for in the Western policies toward the Middle East over the past years. Why do you think Europe failed to adequately estimate the dangers of the Arab Spring?

No, I didn´t say that. I strictly differentiate between the supply side and the demand side of migration. The intentional (not underestimated) European and especially American “export of democracy” to the Arab world destabilized the Middle East.

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More or less Europe?

English Pages, 17. 1. 2017

1. Many thanks for the invitation to participate in the Vienna Com.Sult Congress, I am always glad to be here. We all should express our gratitude to David Ungar-Klein for continuing to organize and to organize so successfully this gathering for so many years.

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Video: Interview for Russia Today - Breakup of EU could be chance to save Europe

English Pages, 17. 1. 2017

The European Union steps into 2017 burdened with huge issues – a never-ending flow of migrants, continuing euro zone woes, and tensions with Russia. Growing frustration with Brussels is threatening to challenge the status quo in the EU, and with elections coming up in key member states, alternative political forces could be one step away from power.

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