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Background Notes for Gaidar Forum Panel: Europe after Brexit

English Pages, 12. 1. 2017

I greeted the outcome of the last year´s British referendum with great joy because I do believe that its outcome has opened a new chapter in the European history. I am convinced that Europe needed it very much. I am also aware of the fact that this position of mine is a minority view here, at this panel, at least among the speakers. To my great regret, there are no Russian participants here with us today.

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The Arab World and Its Difficult Present Era - As Seen from Outside

English Pages, 19. 12. 2016

Many thanks for the invitation. It is great to be in Cairo and Egypt again, after more than six years. Last time I was here in February 2010 as President of the Czech Republic on a formal state visit. This visit gave me also a chance to present here the Arabic version of my book “Blue Planet in Green Shackles” which was devoted to the criticism of global warming alarmism.

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A Few Remarks on the Brexit and Trump Victories - As Seen from Central Europe

English Pages, 3. 12. 2016

I always try to be straightforward and avoid understatements – I call both Brexit and Trump victories. And I will try to use this opportunity to say why.

A. I don´t look at the world from a distant planet, I look at it from Central Europe, from Prague. This is Europe, this is geographically the heart of Europe, but this is a part of Europe with a valuable and instructive history and experience.

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The Václav Klaus Institute Statement on Donald Trump´s Victory

English Pages, 9. 11. 2016

We welcome the result of the U.S. Presidential elections with great joy. We are convinced it is a good result for America, Europe, the West as well as the Czech Republic. It is a good result for the whole world. We dare say that we are also among the winners and we are proud of it.

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Prince Michael and the Spirit of Liberal Liechtenstein

English Pages, 8. 11. 2016

The Principality of Liechtenstein manages to survive the world-wide process of internationalization and globalization of all kinds of human activities as a small but – as compared to the rest of Europe – liberal island of reason. It does it in spite of, or perhaps thanks to, its aristocratic, if not feudal state structure. The undisputed and undisputable fact of its liberal orientation has many reasons and possible explanations.

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The European Freedom Award in the Freedom Endangering European Union

English Pages, 5. 11. 2016

Many thanks for bringing me to Stockholm and for conferring upon me the European Freedom Award. I am really honoured, because the growing loss of freedom is my main concern. Let me express my gratitude to the Institute for Direct Democracy in Europe, to its General Manager Laure Ferrari, to its Vice-President Peter Lundgren and to all of you for choosing me to be the very first laureate of this award.

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Notes for Brussels´ Presentation of Our Book "Volksverhuizing"

English Pages, 19. 10. 2016

Let me start with expressing my gratitude to Mr. Van Grieken, Mr. Annemans and the Vlaams Belang for inviting me to Brussels and to the Flemish Parliament. I am really honoured to be here. It is great to speak in Brussels, but not in EU institutions. It is very rare.

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Notes for Rhodes: Is the Title of the Panel Helpful and Meaningful?

English Pages, 1. 10. 2016

1. The Island of Rhodes has been a symbol of building bridges for centuries and millennia. The island used to be a bridge between Europe and Asia (or at least Middle East) already thousands years ago. Being here gives us a good inspiration for discussing the ever-recurring issue of bridging gaps or differences between cultures and civilizations.

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Did Brexit Enhance the Chances for a Much Needed Change in Europe?

English Pages, 16. 9. 2016

Many thanks for the invitation. It is a great pleasure and honour to be here, in Helsinki, and in this country, after more than a decade. I was here last time on a formal state visit in 2005.

It was a good and all of us enriching idea of the Boris Mints Institute to bring us here, close to the borders between the EU and Russia and to let us see Europe from a slightly different perspective.

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Václav Klaus Institute's statement on the so-called Brexit

English Pages, 21. 6. 2016

The British referendum on the Great Britain's exit from the European Union has been highly controversial and a subject of widespread manipulations by politicians and media. "Objectivists" say this has been done on both sides, which is not true. Only a government can manipulate people. 

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