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Václav Klaus at the 19th Vienna Congress com.sult: Save Freedom, not the Future

English Pages, 9. 2. 2022

I know that expressing disagreement with the main slogan of the 19th Vienna Congress com.sult is provocative, if not iconoclastic. I am fully aware of this. I also know that in the current crazy and demeaning pandemic atmosphere, in the shadow of the destructive Green Deal attack on the economy, in the moment of the return of high inflation (after years of fearing deflation) – which together create the most critical moment of the post-World War II era – one shouldn’t easily and light-heartedly disagree with someone who stands on the same side on these major issues of the day.

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Václav Klaus Institute on Commissioner Leyen's attacks on Poland

English Pages, 21. 10. 2021

When democracy in Europe, or rather in the European Union, is under threat, it is necessary for European democrats to protest loudly. What is at stake today is not insignificant. In her speech in the European Parliament on October 19, Mrs Leyen declared that the recent ruling by the Polish Constitutional Court challenging the supremacy of EU laws “calls into question the foundations of the European Union”. According to Leyen, it is her “Commission's duty to protect the rights of EU citizens” and therefore “the Commission will act.” That is an unprecedented statement.

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Václav Klaus Institute on the Situation in Afghanistan: The West Has No Right to Impose Its Vision of Social Order on Anyone

English Pages, 16. 8. 2021

The shocking and, for many, surprising developments in Afghanistan – the rapid debacle of the Afghan government sustained by Western intervention (led by the USA) and the triumphant victory of the Islamist Taliban movement – confirm the long-standing position of the Václav Klaus Institute (IVK) on this conflict and our involvement in it.

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Speech in Istanbul: Humanity Deserves Better (but what does this slogan mean?)

English Pages, 8. 7. 2021

It has become fashionable and politically correct to speak extensively and dramatically about covid and its epidemic. What bothers me much more, however, is the reaction of the international community and national governments. We shouldn’t underestimate the human losses and the human suffering caused by the aggressive coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, but the man-made, politically motivated collateral damage is far greater.

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The Progressively Growing Self-Destruction of the West and Its Acceleration by the Covid Epidemic

English Pages, 28. 5. 2021

Many thanks for the invitation. It is great to visit Warsaw at this beautiful time of year and to have the opportunity to address this important gathering after a year of no travels, no conferences and no speeches abroad. Many thanks to the organizers for succeeding to push this event through in spite of all obstacles connected with the corona epidemic. In the last couple of months, people like me have been receiving countless letters with cancelations of already scheduled conferences. Once again, many thanks to all who made today’s meeting possible.  

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Letter of condolence to Valeria Natsios-Mundell

English Pages, 6. 4. 2021

Dear Valeria, dear Nicholas,

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing away of your husband and your father. Allow me to express my sincere condolences to both of you.

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From the Health Crisis to the Democratic Crisis: Remarks by a True Believer in Free and Open Society

English Pages, 2. 2. 2021

Many thanks for the invitation. It is great to be in Vienna at the end of January again, as if nothing happened between January 2020 and January 2021. The Vienna Congress Com.Sult has become a part of our lives and of our calendar, at least for some of us. Many thanks to David Ungar-Klein for succeeding to push this year’s Vienna Congress through, in spite of all the adversity, hurdles and obstacles connected with the corona epidemic. In the last couple of months, all of us have been receiving letters with cancelations of all scheduled conferences and seminars. The fact that we are here today is – given the circumstances – almost unbelievable. Once again, many thanks to all who made it possible.  

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Laudatio by Václav Klaus: Tamás Deutsch - the 2020 Petöfi Prize Winner

English Pages, 16. 12. 2020

As a 2018 Petöfi Prize laureate, I am greatly honoured to be asked to deliver the laudatio for this year’s winner of the Petöfi Prize, the distinguished Hungarian politician and true Central European, Tamás Deutsch. I do not have the slightest doubts about this year’s choice. The jury organized by the Public Foundation for the Research of Central and Eastern European History and Society selected the right person – someone who is from the region, someone who is a genuine Central European, someone who – by his brave and productive activities in the last more than three decades – has made history.

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Address to the School for Young Leaders of North Macedonia

English Pages, 10. 12. 2020

Dear President Ivanov, dear participants of this year’s School for Young Leaders,

I am honoured by being asked to address you at the opening day of your gathering.  I remember very positively my visit to Ohrid seven years ago. It was in the middle of August, in perfect sunny weather. It is different now, we do not have summer, and we are not together in Ohrid overlooking the beautiful Ohrid Lake.

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The Václav Klaus Institute urging the Czech Government to reject the dangerous Ursula von der Leyen’s plan

English Pages, 2. 6. 2020

The Václav Klaus Institute (IVK) strongly and resolutely rejects the so called “Next Generation EU” proposal to create a huge EU fund, put forward in the speech made by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on May 27.

The European Commission’s initiative repeatedly proves that the Brussels’ elites have been using the epidemic as a justification and pretext for strengthening their recurrent attempts to prolong the already untenable state of the EU at the cost of massive indebtedness of citizens of EU member countries and of their future generations.

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