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The Amsterdam Lecture: Is There a Chance for a European Renaissance?

English Pages, 8. 5. 2019

Many thanks for giving me a good reason for visiting your country. Many thanks for inviting me to deliver the 2019 Renaissance lecture. I am also glad to get the opportunity to be in touch with your political party, especially after its successful performance in the March elections.

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Václav Klaus: Interview in the Italian journal “il Messaggero

English Pages, 8. 4. 2019

How do you define yourself? Conservative, populist or right-wing populist?

When I founded my political party 28 years ago, I hesitated between the adjectives conservative and liberal. We finally decided to call it “Civic Democratic Party”. I am a conservative as regards culture and society, but a liberal as regards economic issues.

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Václav Klaus: Nothing Quiet on the Migration Front

English Pages, 23. 3. 2019

Many thanks for the invitation and for giving me the floor together with this prestigious group of speakers. I would like, first, to congratulate the organizers of the conference for choosing such an important topic in the right moment – before the European Parliament elections.  

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Václav Klaus: EU is not Europe

English Pages, 13. 3. 2019

Many thanks for the invitation and for the opportunity to address this very distinguished audience. My thanks go especially to Otmar Issing, the President of the Center for Financial Studies, who asked me to deliver this year´s CFS Presidential Lecture. Thank you. It is a great honour for me.

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Czech Republic and Its Economy in the Current European Context

English Pages, 11. 3. 2019

Many thanks for the invitation. I am glad you decided to organize your meeting here in Prague. Your company, E.ON, is an important and visible entity in the Czech Republic. Let me start with two personal remarks. I should confess that my son works for one of your competitors, for the ČEZ company, but, I can assure you, he hasn´t given me any advice about what to say (or what not to say) here. And just for your information, my family uses the services of your company in our weekend house in Southern Bohemia. 

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Introductory remarks to the presentation of the book “Comprendere L´Immigrazione" in Rome

English Pages, 9. 3. 2019

Many thanks for bringing us to Rome and for organizing today´s presentation of our book devoted to the most significant phenomenon of our times, to the issue of mass migration. We consider it, of course, the most significant phenomenon in a negative sense. We consider it a threat to us, a threat to our European civilization.

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Václav Klaus: Remarks at the Petöfi Prize Award Ceremony

English Pages, 12. 12. 2018

It is a great honour for me to receive the 2018 Petöfi Prize which is awarded by the Public Foundation for the Research of Central and East European History and Society and by the MOL Group. I really feel honoured, especially as I do believe that it is in the spirit of the great Hungarian poet and revolutionary Sándor Petöfi to appreciate efforts and accomplishments aimed at promoting the freedom of the peoples of Central Europe. It was important in his era, in 1848, it is no less important now.

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State-building and the EU Membership: Is it a compatible project?

English Pages, 5. 10. 2018

It is a real pleasure to be here in Montenegro, in the very beautiful region of Tivat and Kotor. Let me use this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you, and especially to Boris Mints, for bringing me here (as well as to many other beautiful places). I was here only once before, on a formal state visit, which lasted just a few hours. 

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The Fate of Central Europe: From Communism to the European Union

English Pages, 27. 9. 2018

Many thanks for inviting me to the Fordham University and for giving me a chance to speak here. I feel honoured indeed. I haven´t made a speech in New York City for several years, last time – if I am not wrong – as President of the Czech Republic when speaking at the General Assembly of the United Nations.

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Václav Klaus in Washington: Europe Needs to Be Liberated Again

English Pages, 26. 9. 2018

Many thanks for organizing this conference, for bringing us here and for giving me a chance to address this distinguished audience. I find the topic of the conference highly important and relevant both for Europe and America. Ronald Reagan and John Paul II did change the world and significantly influenced Europe and, as a result of it, the lives of people like myself, of people from the former communist Central and Eastern Europe.

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