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Václav Klaus: Welcome Address at the American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery in Prague

English Pages, 7. 6. 2024

Dear participants, distinguished eye surgeons, ladies and gentlemen, let me welcome you in Prague. It is my pleasure and honour to be asked to address your congress.

I can assure you that we are all glad that Prague has been chosen as the host city for your important gathering. I have no doubts this meeting will be successful, productive and enjoyable.

As a frequent participant in similar congresses (in my field of studies, in economics and politics) I know that the effect of such a meeting depends not only on the quality of the formal presentations during the congress itself, but also on the density and productivity of the informal meetings of friends and colleagues during breaks, lunches and dinners.

I hope that Prague – with its unique atmosphere – will become a contributing factor to the success of your gathering.

I appreciate that Czech eye surgeons not only host this meeting but also actively participate in it. I am proud of the long tradition and high standards of the eye surgery here in the Czech Republic. My personal experience is very positive. I underwent my cataract surgery twelve years ago. It was performed by Dr. Stodůlka who is an important part of this congress.

You have come here in a rather specific moment. Today and tomorrow, there are elections to the European Parliament. This country, the Czech Republic, has spent twenty years in this supranational organization. It is fair to say that it is difficult to evaluate all the costs and benefits of our membership in it. It is almost as difficult as separating the individual causes which influence the quality of our eyes, the quality of our eyesight.

I wish your congress success. Enjoy the meeting and have a great time in the historical city of Prague.  

Václav Klaus, American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery, Hotel Don Giovanni, Prague, 7. 6. 2024


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