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Tribute to Milton Friedman

English Pages, 8. 9. 2008

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

It is a great honor for me to be asked to say a few words to this distinguished and very knowledgeable audience about one of our greatest heroes, about one of the past Mont Pelerin Society presidents, about a friend of many of us, Milton Friedman.

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Current Global Warming Alarmism and the Mont Pelerin Society’s Long Term Agenda

English Pages, 8. 9. 2008

I think I have to start with expressing my deep and ever-deeper conviction that the recently created panic as regards dramatic, in the past allegedly unknown global climate changes and their supposedly catastrophic consequences for the future of human civilization must not remain without a resolute answer of the – until now – more or less silent majority of rationally thinking people, especially classical liberals, libertarians and other freedom loving men and women.

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Interview of President Václav Klaus for Rzeczpospolita

English Pages, 26. 7. 2008

Has President Kaczynski convinced you to ratify the Lisbon Treaty?

President Kaczyński did not try to convince me about the beauty of the Lisbon Treaty. My views in this respect are firm and they can’t be changed.

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Feature article on the 90th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic for the CZECH ARMED FORCES REVIEW magazine

English Pages, 23. 7. 2008

On October 28th this year, we will remember the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of the independent Republic of Czechoslovakia. The most important public holiday of our country is always an opportunity to think about our recent history and current orientation.

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Interview with President Václav Klaus for Knack.be

English Pages, 18. 7. 2008

What kind of memories do you have about the break-up of the Czechoslovak federation in the Tugendhat Villa in Brno in 1992?

The Czechoslovak federation had been moving toward the break-up slowly but continuously since the fall of Communism in 1989.

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Lord Harris of Central Europe

English Pages, 1. 7. 2008

I am greatly honoured to have had the privilege of knowing Lord Harris personally. I got to know him as the General Director of the British Institute of Economic Affairs, as a free market thinker, an analytical economist, and a persistent polemicist, who had always stayed devoted to conservative values; the very values he had been promoting already in the 1950s, i.e. at the time when they were far from being obvious, when they were questioned from all sides, and when they were – even in his native Britain – deeply out of favour.

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Reply to the Constitutional Court Regarding the Lisbon Treaty

English Pages, 25. 6. 2008

At the request of the Constitutional Court, made through Judge-Rapporteur Vojen Güttler, LL.D., and delivered to me on 9 May 2008, file No. Pl. US 19/08, regarding the petition from the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic requesting an assessment of compliance of the Lisbon Treaty, amending the Treaty on the European Union and the Treaty Establishing the European Community, concluded in Lisbon on 13 December 2007 (hereafter referred to as the "Lisbon Treaty"), with the constitutional system, filed according to Article 87 (2) of the Constitution of the Czech Republic, I am presenting, within the time limit required by Article 69 (1) of Act No 182/1993 Coll. on the Constitutional Court, the following statement:

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Interview with El País

English Pages, 25. 6. 2008

Irish people said NO to the Lisbon Treaty, how this result will affect the European Union?

The European Union must not be based on ignoring its own rules and principles.

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Interview with President Klaus about Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty

English Pages, 19. 6. 2008

What do you think about the Irish NO?

The whole of Europe should thank the Irish people for slowing down the current erroneous processes towards more unification, towards the suppression of nation states, towards a ‘Europe of regions’, and towards greater centralization from above, which the Lisbon Treaty embodied.

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Ten Years of Euro: A Reason for Celebration?

English Pages, 12. 6. 2008

Ten years have passed since the founding of the European Central Bank but it seems as if it was yesterday. This was the last crucial step towards the introduction of the euro, a currency that was adopted by many European countries.

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