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Europe at the Crossroad: Speech in Copenhagen

English Pages, 19. 2. 2014

Many thanks for bringing me back to Copenhagen and for offering me the very pleasant opportunity to address this – hopefully friendly – audience. Friendly, because – due to my notoriety among euro-enthusiasts and euro-naivists – I suppose that no one who comes here is unaware of what he or she may expect to hear.

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The International Leontief Medal for Contribution to Economic Reforms: Fundamental Systemic Change Is not an Exercise in Applied Economics

English Pages, 15. 2. 2014

Mrs. Director-General, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for bringing me back to St. Petersburg. Last time I was here as President of the Czech Republic attending the 300th anniversary of the founding of your great city. Thank you for awarding me with the International Leontief Medal which was given to several important Russian and international scholars, some of them my good friends, in the last couple of years.

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Remarks for the Wiener Com.Sult Congress: Europe Has to Change

English Pages, 21. 1. 2014

Many thanks for bringing me back to Vienna and for giving me the pleasant opportunity to address this distinguished audience. In my previous talks at this congress I repeatedly criticized European politicians that they do not take the evident European problems seriously. Every January I return to Vienna to state sadly that nothing significant has changed in this respect. We continue marching in the same blind alley regardless the deteriorating economic data, the deepening of the democratic deficit, and the indisputable increase of frustration in society.

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Notes for the Gaidar Forum: Is the Title “Sustainable Development in Periods of Instability” a Correct One?

English Pages, 15. 1. 2014

Thanks for the invitation to Russia, to Moscow, and especially to this important gathering connected with the name of Jegor Gajdar, a good friend of mine, a very profound economist and significant Russian political leader. Let me use the title of this plenary session for making a few comments.

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The Irreplaceable and Unsubstitutable Importance of Freedom

English Pages, 29. 11. 2013

Thank you for bringing me back to Mexico and even more for honoring me with the Una vida por la libertad” award. Getting the Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago and your very high award here today is an enormous pleasure and honor for me.

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The post-communist transition should not be misinterpreted

English Pages, 6. 11. 2013

I read with great interest Dalibor Roháč’s article (Roháč 2013) in the February 2013 issue of Economic Affairs. This topic is worth discussing.

Economists behave rationally when they look for major economic events because for them they are an alternative to controlled experiments in natural sciences.

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Czech Republic and Poland: Neighbours! And Friends!

English Pages, 30. 10. 2013

Mr. Rector, Professors, Students, Ladies and Gentleman,

Thank you for the invitation to visit your well-known University and for giving me a chance to speak here today. It is a great honour for me to address this distinguished academic audience. I am sorry for not being able – due to my unexpected illness – to come here four weeks ago at the beginning of your new academic year. It was really not possible.

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Europe and America: Our Common Crisis

English Pages, 11. 10. 2013

Mr. President, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many thanks for the invitation to come to Hillsdale again, after long 13 years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to address such a distinguished audience this evening. You may not be aware of it, but during these 13 years, I was, more or less, all the time in touch with your college

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Notes for the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Award Speech

English Pages, 9. 10. 2013

Thank you very much for this very high award, for the Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom. I am deeply honoured by it. I am also very moved by the list of the very distinguished names of those personalities who received this award in the past.

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Is There a Universal Quest for Liberty?

English Pages, 28. 9. 2013

Thank you for bringing me back to the United States, back to California, back to CATO and for giving me such a generous space here tonight. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank you once again for the great honor, for the status of “distinguished senior fellow”, you conferred upon me this March, in the moment when I – after ten years – left the beautiful Prague Castle and with the castle also my presidential duties.

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