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Dopis Václava Klause Viktoru Orbánovi

Dokumenty, 4. 7. 2024

Prague, July 2nd

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, dear Viktor,

I am sorry for missing this year’s CPAC conference two months ago and the opportunity to see and meet you. My health – to my great regret – suggests me that I am getting old.

I was delighted to learn that you, together with two other Central European leading politicians, decided to create a new political group in the European Parliament. It is a great and brave idea!

Despite the hostile rhetoric in the media and among some politicians, despite the accusations that you – by doing it – are helping Russia, I consider the decision to be absolutely correct, necessary and helpful. It is not just a desirable change inside the European Parliament. It promises to create a strong political entity whose policies will defend essential interests of citizens of European nation states and as a result of it the European democracy, prosperity and peace.

The current European political class and elites will do everything they can to thwart your – which are also mine – goals. I am sure you are strong enough to oppose them successfully.

I would be very happy if you consider me an ally in your work and, if you find it useful, I am ready to help with all I can do.

During your visit in my Institute in Prague, you met my collaborator Petr Macinka and discussed his party the Motorists with him. They got two seats in the European Parliament last week and – of course – plan to join your newly created EP’s political group. They have also discussed it with Andrej Babiš.

My best greetings

Václav Klaus


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