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Václav Klaus sent a letter of congratulations to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey

English Pages, 30. 5. 2023

Prague, May 29, 2023

     Dear President Erdoğan,

     Let me congratulate you on your remarkable victory in the presidential elections. I congratulate not only you, I also congratulate your country. You yourself described the result of the elections as a great victory for Türkiye. I fully agree with you.

     Dear Mr. President, I remember with great pleasure and respect all the occasions when I have had a chance to meet you.

     Türkiye is not a distant country for me. I was there not only on state visits. I have been repeatedly invited to your country to speak at various conferences. I want to acknowledge the progress your country has made under your leadership. Above all, I greatly appreciate the independent, confident and free foreign policy that Türkiye has been developing. It is rare in the contemporary world.

     Allow me, Mr. President, to wish you every success, prudence and, of course, good health in the years ahead in your highest political office.

     Yours sincerely

     Václav Klaus


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