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Unheeded warnings by Claudio Grass: Václav Klaus at the Marmara Forum

English Pages, 23. 6. 2022

This not the first time that Václav Klaus’ astute observations and experience-based predictions turn out to be shockingly accurate years later, and I’m pretty confident it will not be the last. Even before the examples that follow and that he clearly laid out in his address at the Marmara Forum, the former President of the Czech Republic has repeatedly proven to be quite prophetic in his assessment of the future.

From his critique and his warnings about the many vulnerabilities of our current monetary system and to his fierce opposition against central planning and State overreach, to the Covid crisis and the way it was handled by most nations, it is by now clear that his is one of the very few voices that truly stand out from the noise. For years, he’s been warning of the very real dangers of reckless spending and printing and of huge budget deficits and extreme public debt levels. And unfortunately for all of us, he was correct and now we reap what policymakers have sown for decades.

In this latest example, we can see how he was among the first to deeply understand the geopolitical and economic dynamic of the region and how he saw the Ukraine-Russia conflict coming years ago. To be precise, he did not only foresee the present crisis, but he also identified the severe threats that it would pose to the West and to the entire world.

While it is of course important to once again note his track record on “reading the tea leaves” and on drawing consistently accurate conclusions from his decades long experience and political acumen, in my personal view, it is essential to pause and to reflect on his call to action towards today’s leadership, especially in the international community: “A solution can’t be based on prolonging the war into infinity or till the total destruction of either Russia or Ukraine.” For it is clear, that the total destruction of either of the adversaries will not stop with them, but it will take the West, as we know it, down with it as well.

Claudio Grass, Hünenberg See, Switzerland

This article has been published in the Newsroom of pro aurum, the leading precious metals company in Europe with an independent subsidiary in Switzerland.


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