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An Appeal of the European Citizens to their Governments and Parliaments

English Pages, 7. 9. 2015

We, the undersigned citizens do not wish to look on in passivity, seeing our state institutions and political representatives are wasting time at this crucial hour, failing to fulfil their duty, which is – first and foremost – the defense of the security and interests of their citizens. Massive immigration is a fundamental threat to the stability of Europe as well as individual EU countries. We are confronted with a serious threat to the future of our country.

We do care about the suffering of the victims of wars and other disasters in this world, but we refuse the manipulation of public opinion based on the abuse of natural feelings of solidarity with migrants. We refuse the substitution of the migration problem debate with a discussion on whether the people of Europe are sympathetic enough with other cultures, religions, races and ethnic groups. We see undeniable hazards and threats stemming from the artificial mixing of disparate nations, cultures and religions.

The European governments facing these dangerous developments are passive and alibistic. They lack sufficient resilience vis-à-vis increasing pressure, coming from the leaders of European big countries, who wish to sacrifice our vital national interests for the sake of their own political intentions.

It is unacceptable for us to violate the rules of the Schengen area under the aegis of the EU, under pressure coming mostly from Germany and France, and it is impossible to threaten to impose EU sanctions on countries such as Hungary, who wish to uphold these rules.

We disagree, when the justified concerns of a large part of our citizens, facing the destructive tide of migration, are played down, silenced and scandalized by the mainstream media. Instead, all kinds of elitist groups posing as scientists, academics or would-be moral authorities are presented as the norm of public opinion.

for all the above mentioned reasons we call on the European governments to

- protect inner security and outer inviolability of state borders, using all means available (including the use of police and army). To enforce the legal order of individual countries as well as internationally accepted obligations, and prevent the rise of chaos, already existing in connection with the migrant crisis in a number of countries;

- not to accept on the level of the EU any quotas or similar measures, through which migrants are to be "assigned" to individual EU countries (even when it is against their own will), and to make sure that countries, functioning as "entrance" for  the immigration wave, fulfil their duties, and return migrants to their countries;

- to insist on respecting the valid asylum agreements and refuse the efforts to change them, in order to facilitate and stimulate immigration. Currently debated changes in international agreements and legal norms should be subjected by the government to the approval of citizens in a referendum or, alternatively, such a mandate should be sought in early elections.

Signature number one: Václav Klaus, September 4, 2015


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