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President sent a letter of congratulations to Lady Thatcher

Dokumenty, 11. 10. 2012

Dear Lady Thatcher

It is my pleasure to congratulate you most sincerely, also on behalf of my wife Livia, on the occasion of your 87th birthday. I wish you sound health, much happiness and, may I also add, I wish you to stay cheerful and full of optimism.

Several journalists have recently called me “the Margaret Thatcher of Central Europe”, which is very flattering for me because you are the politician I admire.

Many of your policies are needed in Europe today. You rightly said it in your Bruges speech that “to try to suppress nationhood and concentrate power at the centre of a European conglomerate would be highly damaging”. There are still voices in Europe today that are pushing for further unification and for removing powers from the national governments. Your ideas continue to be an inspiration for all of us who argue against these voices and wish to see a Europe based on willing cooperation between sovereign states.

Let me, once again, wish you a happy birthday.         

Yours respectfully

Václav Klaus


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