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Interview with President Václav Klaus for Knack.be

English Pages, 18. 7. 2008

What kind of memories do you have about the break-up of the Czechoslovak federation in the Tugendhat Villa in Brno in 1992?

The Czechoslovak federation had been moving toward the break-up slowly but continuously since the fall of Communism in 1989. The Communist regime suppressed many natural human ambitions, including the dream about national sovereignty and independence. The Slovaks wanted – for the first time in history – to go it alone. Talks in the Tugendhat Villa in Brno in 1992 accepted this ambition. Nothing else.

What was the most difficult thing during the negotiations?
The most difficult thing was to avoid unfeasible projects – “third ways”, mixed solution, attempts of being half-pregnant, etc. Some people speculated about it, but our position was clear: either – or.

Do you see any similarity between the situation at that moment in your country and the Belgian situation now? Did you have any contact with Belgian politicians recently?

I would not dare having contacts with Belgian politicians about this issue because to solve the current Belgian drama is a homework, it can’t be imported from abroad. That would be a tragic mistake. But I see the deep divisions, if not trenches, inside Belgian society and my recommendation would be to quickly follow our example: either – or.

Anna Luyten, Knack, 18.7.2008


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