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Václav Klaus Sent a Letter of Congratulations to Viktor Orbán

English Pages, 4. 4. 2022

Prague, April 4, 2022

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, my dear friend,

Let me express my congratulations on your persuasive victory in yesterday’s elections. Not only my congratulations, but my great joy as well.

It’s not only an election victory, it is a victory – regretfully not a final one – in the contemporary fight over the future of the Western world. It is a victory of yours, a victory of your nation and country, a victory of all of us.

I am convinced that this victory will make it possible for you to speak more loudly in Europe, which is something Europe (meaning the EU) needs now more than ever before. Your victory is also essential for Central and Eastern Europe, where the recent progressivist offensive in some countries undermines the much needed Visegrad Group cooperation. Last but not least, your voice of reason is of great importance in the current European debate about the war in Ukraine.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, once again, please accept my sincere congratulations. I look forward to coming to Budapest in the middle of May to attend the postponed Conservative conference. It will be great to get a chance to meet you.

With my best regards

Václav Klaus

His Excellency Prime Minister
Viktor Mihály Orbán


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