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The statement of Václav Klaus and IVK on the unacceptable treatment of the Czech Republic by the European Union

English Pages, 16. 6. 2017

1. We – as a matter of principle and quite resolutely – protest against the decision of the EU to launch infringement procedures against the Czech Republic, in connection with its refusal to accept migrants on the basis of Brussels-dictated quotas. We protest against the intentions to punish us and force us into obedience.

2. Thanks to this step taken by the European Commission, those who did not know it so far, can now see, what is the genuine position of the Czech Republic within the European Union, and what kind of intentions the EU top leaders have with us.

3. What happened on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, is a new, unprecedented move. We don´t accept it. We refuse mandatory settlements of foreigners on the territory of our state. We don´t wish the transformation of our country into a multicultural society of unadaptive communities (as we see them in France and Great Britain today). Not to speak of terrorism that we see happening almost every day, in connection with such massive migration.

5. We don´t agree with the argument that we have to „be there“, that we have to be „present“ at the decision making table, that we must be part of the so-called „hard core“ of the EU. We have been a part of the EU decision making process for the last 13 years, and we know that we do not make the decisions. Our presence there has no real importance. Our voice is being ignored. The decisions are not made by us. They are made about us.

6. Let us not be blackmailed by threats of termination of EU subsidies. We do not need them, and we do not want them. We refuse both our payments to Brussels, as well as the money coming from Brussels. We refuse the harmful and violently pushed through EU policy as a whole.

7. This leads us to the only possible and necessary conclusion. The time has come to start preparing our exit from the EU. It is the only way to protect and save our state, which we have inherited from our ancestors, and which we have a duty to pass on to future generations as an independent entity.

June 13, 2017.


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