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Will Trumps's Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords Weaken Climate Alarmism?

English Pages, 16. 6. 2017

I consider President Trump's decision to pull out from the Paris accords extraordinarily courageous and, in a certain sense, historical. And for me personally just amazing. Evaluating the impact and consequences of this decision is however far from simple and one-dimensional.

It is, without any doubt, a great encouragement for all opponents of utterly arbitrary and entirely irresponsible climate alarmism. It let them know that not everything had been lost just yet and that it is worth to keep fighting. That they must not be tired (and disgusted) by decades-lasting futile fights and that they must not resign. It is necessary to admit that such process has already started to show itself among the community of opponents.

Trump's decision, however, did not weaken the powerful cartel of climate alarmists and will certainly not cause the change of heart of those who bet on the card of spreading alarming news (serving as motivation for attacks on people's freedom and prosperity in the developed world and on fight against poverty in the developing world). Those people – already equally tired and worn out – have acquired new motivation and it seems that Trump's decision has pumped fresh blood into their veins. Their anti-Trump rage knows no boundaries.

As usual, the silent majority will decide. Regretfully, I fear it will not allow to be perturbed in its silence (and indolence). I am not optimistic.

Václav Klaus, June 16, 2017.


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