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Welcome Address at the American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery in Prague

English Pages, 2. 6. 2017

Dear participants, ladies and gentlemen, let me use this opportunity for welcoming you in Prague. It is a pleasure and honour to be asked to speak here this morning.

I am glad that Prague was selected as a hosting city of your important gathering. I do believe that this meeting will be successful, productive and pleasant.

As a frequent participant in similar congresses (in my field of studies, in economics) I know that the effect of such a meeting depends on three things:

- on the quality of formal presentations during the congress itself;

- on the informal meetings of friends and colleagues during breaks, lunches and dinners and

- on the atmosphere in the city and country where the congress is being held.

I hope that Prague – with its unique atmosphere – will become the third contributing factor to the success of your gathering.

I appreciate that Czech eye surgeons will be able to contribute to the scientific part of this meeting. My personal experience with our eye surgery is very positive.

I underwent my cataract surgery five years ago. It was done by Dr. Stodulka who is a member of the program committee of this meeting. My vision significantly improved and I started to be – after almost fifty years – without glasses since the day of surgery. I was amazed by the progress of the eye surgery over the last years. 

I know that not everywhere in the word people have access to high-quality eye care and health care in general as it is in this country. I am proud of the high level of the quality of the eye surgery here – with its long tradition. The world first full thickness corneal transplant was performed in 1905 by Prof. Zirm in Olomouc, in a city which is located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. After my speech, you will see the video about the invention of soft contact lens which done here in Prague.

I will stop here. I wish your congress success. Enjoy the meeting and have a great time in the historical city of Prague.

Václav Klaus, American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery, Orea hotel Pyramida, Prague, June 2, 2017.


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