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Farewell address of President Václav Klaus on the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI visit in the Czech Republic

English Pages, 28. 9. 2009

Your Holiness,

let me, first, on behalf of the whole country of ours, to thank you for your memorable visit.

Your stay in our country, the message you so convincingly brought us, your appeal to mutual understanding, to tolerance, to peace, to the importance of reason, of creed, of ethic was delivered in a way we got it and understood it. We will think about it and pay attention to it for a long time. You brought us a new hope, to use your words, „nuova speranza“.

Your strong beliefs, your courage to express views that are not politically correct and not only applauded, your firm commitment to the basic ideas and principles our civilization and christianity have been based upon give us all an example and encouragement.

Tens of thousands of our citizens as well as of people from neighbouring countries had a unique opportunity to see you directly, millions saw you – hours and hours – for three days on TV screens.

I daresay, and I know it is not only my private view or only my personal observation, that your visit was succesful and will have a long-lasting effect. The relations between the Czech Republic and the Vatican City State were strengthened and I am glad to say that they are very good. I am sure they will be good in the future as well.

Your Holiness,

the past three days were full of events, experiences, unforgettable moments for us. We would love to have you here longer but we fully respect your other important commitments and tasks. We wish you good health and enough strength for continuing your important mission. Thank you for your visit.

Václav Klaus, Stará Ruzyně Airport, Prague, September, 28, 2009


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