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An Appeal of the European Citizens to their Governments and Parliaments

English Pages, 7. 9. 2015

We, the undersigned citizens do not wish to look on in passivity, seeing our state institutions and political representatives are wasting time at this crucial hour, failing to fulfil their duty, which is – first and foremost – the defense of the security and interests of their citizens. Massive immigration is a fundamental threat to the stability of Europe as well as individual EU countries.

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Europaeum´s Summer School in Prague: Is Europe Endangered by Euroscepticism and Populism or by Something Else?

English Pages, 31. 8. 2015

Many thanks for the invitation. To speak about Europe is an almost existential topic for me as well as for many others who like me spent most of their lives in the tragic communist era, who had been – for decades – dreaming about freedom, democracy, free markets, and – last but not least – national sovereignty. The expectations-reality gap becomes, however, too big. We, or at least some of us, are deeply frustrated by what we experience in Europe just now. I know, or I guess, that this is not the way how most of you look at it.

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A Short (and Very Selective) Outline of Recent Relevant World Events

English Pages, 22. 8. 2015

I have to start by mentioning that this day, the 21st August, is a very sad and distressing day for my country. Forty-seven years ago, the Warsaw Pact armies – led by the Soviet Union – invaded Czechoslovakia with the objective to crush the very promising development there, called – somewhat imprecisely – Prague Spring. Due to it, we had to wait for the coming of freedom for another two decades, till November 1989.

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First Five Years since the Outbreak of the Greek Crisis?

English Pages, 28. 6. 2015

In the five years that just passed, we have been the witnesses of the Greek debt crisis but it is evident that its symptoms were growing well before May 2010. This country has experienced financial crises and serious budgetary problems many times in the past.

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St. Petersburg´s Comments

English Pages, 19. 6. 2015

1. Thank you for the invitation both to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and, specifically to the Valdai Discussion Club Session. I have promised to come to Valdai several times in the past but I had not fulfilled that promise. I hope my presence here today will be considered at least a small substitute for it.

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Vaduz Speech: Lessons, a Former Communist Country Learned from Its EU Membership or Was It Vice Versa?

English Pages, 29. 5. 2015

Thank you for the invitation to visit again this beautiful place. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to attend the XI. Gottfried von Haberler conference and to address this distinguished audience, especially His Serene Highness Prince Alois.

I would like, first, to explain the title of my today´s speech as it was introduced in the program of the conference. 

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UBS Gala Dinner Speech

English Pages, 10. 5. 2015

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for inviting me to be with you this evening, thank you for choosing Prague for your annual gathering and thank you for organizing your gala dinner at the Prague Castle. I was very privileged to spend ten years here, in this beautiful place, in this unique complex of historic buildings.

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Notes for a Speech in Baku to the Russia-West Relations

English Pages, 29. 4. 2015

Thank you for inviting me to attend the 3rd Baku Forum and for including me in this panel. I find its topic highly relevant. With the exception of the present Middle East problem, so vividly demonstrated by the sudden appearance of the Islamic state and all its atrocities, the deteriorating West-East or, perhaps, Western Europe and America and Russia relations represent the most dangerous development we are confronted with just now, especially we in Central and Eastern Europe.

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The Visible Defects of the Ideology of Universalism

English Pages, 13. 4. 2015

Many thanks for the invitation to this important gathering and for including me in the presidential panel of – as you put it – “sagacious men”. This adjective is – at least as regards myself – an evident overstatement. Moreover, in the “brave new world” of European political correctness it would be considered wrong to speak about men only.

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Milano Speech: Looking at Europe and Its Stagnating Economy from Prague

English Pages, 13. 3. 2015

Thank you for the invitation and for giving me an opportunity to address this distinguished audience.

My last speech in this historic city was six years ago when I was presenting the Italian version of my book devoted to the economic critique of the global warming doctrine. I challenged in it the very shaky economic foundations of this mistakenly considered non-economic, non-social science doctrine.

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