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Introduction to the Presentation of the Book “Blue Planet in Green Shackles” in Cairo

English Pages, 8. 2. 2010

It’s a great pleasure to be in Cairo and Egypt again after less than two years and to have the opportunity to personally present the Arabic version of my book “Blue Planet in Green Shackles” here.

Let me thank all those who helped to make it possible, especially my good friend Shafik Gabr who initiated the whole process, the publisher El Moallem, the Czech Ambassador Miloslav Stašek, and last but not least Emira Klementova who translated the book into Arabic. I am unfortunately not able to check the quality of the translation myself but my chief of staff Jiří Weigl tells me it is good. So, thank you.

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Where Europe and Central Europe are Heading?

English Pages, 19. 1. 2010

Thank you for the invitation to come and speak here. You have been inviting me in the past but I always found some “presidential” excuse. It is good to be finally here.

I attended many conferences devoted to the economic issues of Central and Eastern Europe in the 1990’s. At that time Central and Eastern Europe had a special meaning, had a unique, truly historic task, and was inspiring – both intellectually for the economists and other social scientists and economically for potential investors and business people.

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Czech Republic – 20 Years After the Fall of Communism

English Pages, 26. 11. 2009

It’s a real pleasure and honor to be here on the occasion of my official visit to your beautiful, interesting and dynamic country. This is not my first visit in Sao Paulo. I had a speech in the Liberal institute here, in Sao Paulo, in 1994, to my great regret I was not able to find the title of my speech but it was – undoubtedly – about our radical transition from communism to a free society which was in its crucial moments at that time.

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20 Years After the Collapse of Communism

English Pages, 12. 11. 2009

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for the invitation to come once again to London and to the well-known Reform Club. I was here last time in June 2000 and remember speaking about Europe (“Europe – Integration or Unification?”). It is not surprising that this topic is still with us and that I am still in favour of integration and not unification. The number of letters and emails from Britain supporting my position is enormous, especially now.

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The Fall of the Wall: 20 Years After

English Pages, 7. 11. 2009

Dear Mrs. Reagan, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for organizing this conference and for inviting me as one of the speakers. It is my pleasure and honor to visit for the first time the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and the final resting place of the 40th President of the United States, and to commemorate, together with you, the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism.

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20 Years After the Fall of Communism: Not a Final Victory for Freedom

English Pages, 5. 11. 2009

Many thanks for the invitation. I remember speaking here in the middle of the 1990’s but I was not able to find the text of my speech. It was – no doubt – devoted to the problems of transition from communism to a free society because in that era it was the topic of the day.

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Speech at the Washington Times Climate Change Policy Conference

English Pages, 4. 11. 2009

Many thanks for the invitation and for the courage to organize such an important gathering in the moment when political correctness tells you not to do it.

We are meeting one month before the Climate Change Copenhagen Summit and several weeks before the U.S. Senate hearing regarding the cap-and-trade scheme.

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Address to the Members of the Diplomatic Corps on the Occasion of the Czech National Day

English Pages, 28. 10. 2009

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to welcome you at the Prague Castle, at this traditional meeting of the President of the Czech Republic with the heads of diplomatic missions on the occasion of the Czech National Day.

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Address of the President of the Czech Republic at the Ceremonial Assembly on October 28

English Pages, 28. 10. 2009

Dear high government officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps, ladies and gentlemen, dear viewers and listeners of television and radio stations,

Tonight, on the occasion of our most important state holiday, we are meeting here, in a free country, for the twentieth time to celebrate the formation of our modern independent state.

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Reply to the Constitutional Court Regarding the Lisbon Treaty

English Pages, 17. 10. 2009

I appreciate the effort of the group of senators to gain certainty whether the Lisbon Treaty is or is not consistent with Czech constitutional order. Their conscientious and responsible approach is evident from the full versions of the Treaty of Rome and the Maastricht Treaty that have been attached to the draft text along with a clear designation of changes to these treaties by the Lisbon Treaty.

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